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The breakdown of a marriage or a de facto relationship is a difficult time for both parties. Issues from property settlements to parenting orders are complex matters. Seeking legal advice from experienced family law lawyers is strongly advised to protect your legal interests.

We understand that Family Law matters can be stressful and emotional for those involved. You can be assured that we will assist you in your matter with a straight forward approach. We endeavour to settle matters between parties without the need for Court involvement.

However, if the matter must proceed to Court, we advise and represent you and attempt to resolve your matter with the best possible outcome. You will receive strong representation by our Perth based family lawyers. We focus on achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

We recognise that all family matters are different which is why we offer practical and straightforward legal advice. Our legal services cover the following areas of family law.

Carlo-Primerano_Services_InnerDivorce Applications

We can prepare separate applications on one party’s behalf or joint applications where both parties agree to the divorce. We also prepare divorce applications where parties are separated under one roof. We arrange the completion of the required documents to be filed with the Family Court of Western Australia and can attend the divorce hearing with you if you require us to.

Carlo-Primerano_Services_Inne2rDivision of Property – Married and De Facto

Division of property, whether you are married or in a de facto relationship, can often be confusing and difficult. A number of factors need to be considered in who gets what especially if children are involved. There are various ways of resolving property related disputes.

We can assist you in negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement which can be formalised by way of a Binding Financial Agreement and/or Consent Orders which are filed with the Family Court. If an agreement cannot be reached, then we can assist you with initiating Family Court proceedings and represent you from beginning to end.

Throughout the whole process, we are obliged to notify you of our estimate of future costs and your costs incurred.

Carlo-Primerano_Services_Inner3Binding Financial Agreements

Binding Financial Agreements are written agreements that set out how assets are to be divided in the event of separation. If you are married or in a de facto relationship or are planning to be, then you may require advice in relation to protecting your assets in the event of a separation. These serve to settle financial disputes and avoid potentially costly court proceedings.

We can assist you with drafting a Binding Financial Agreement specifying what is to occur with your assets in the event that you separate. In these situations, both parties can greatly reduce financial costs of legal proceedings if the relationship breaks down.

Carlo-Primerano_Services_Inne4rParenting/Childrens Orders

Parenting orders are made by the Family Courts regarding arrangements for children. Couples must first make a genuine attempt to resolve matters through dispute resolution methods.

If you have been unsuccessful at compulsory Family Dispute Resolution and obtained a Certificate (or there are circumstances such as violence, child abuse or urgency), we can assist in drafting the necessary documents to file with the Family Court.

The Family Court may make orders such as who the child or children reside with, how much time each party spends with the child or children, and other parenting matters that are unable to be agreed upon.

thumbnailChild and Parenting Agreements/Consent Orders

If you have reached an agreement and wish to formalise your arrangements for the child or children, we can assist you in drafting a parenting plan or preparing the necessary documentation to file with the Family Court formalising your parenting arrangements.

Law Made Simple

Family law is a complex aspect of the law. Our family law lawyers in Perth focus on providing practical and effective legal with an emphasis on delivering positive outcomes. We make the complicated legal process simple and understandable regardless of the situation.

We have extensive experience in all areas of family law from property settlements to financial agreements and parenting orders. Schedule an initial consultation with us today to discuss your case in more detail.

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